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White Rabbit

Having just returned from Llandudno where Alice in Wonderland is everywhere it’s fair to say that as far as the garden is concerned I feel like the white rabbit

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date

But seeing  as I usually plant too early I’m taking comfort in the fact I won’t have to worry about frost and an overcrowded greenhouse. 
So. Planted courgettes, peas, various beans, spinach, sweet corn and sweet peas. 

Easter Holidays

These holidays have been a long time coming. 
The last few weeks of term has been busy, busier then I would have imagined possible. 
But thanks to amazing staff we got to Easter intact. Maybe running on caffeine and adrenaline. But still standing. 
So it was a relief to throw some things in a bag and head North again. 
The weather has been kind. 

And we are in full holiday mode. 


I have hundreds of versions of this photo. 

It’s the view from the yard where we park our cars and on a clear morning never fails to entrance me. 

In the winter I love the tree silhouettes.