Best friends 


Lucky Black Cat

Black cats are so difficult to photograph well. 

I wish I could capture the nuances of expression as this boy starts to develop confidence and character. 
He’s a friendly soul. Call his name and he comes bouncing up the garden. 

He’s wary of the dogs but he adores all the other cats. 

He chases leaves. 

Watches everything. 

And is just loving life. 

Perfect Weather 

Cold, crisp dry. 
The best kind of January weather. 

Look how clear the skies are. The top two photos were taken after work on our staff walk. 

We only have to walk for two minutes and we have all that loveliness to feast our eyes on. 
The next one was this morning, as I was leaving home and the final one was on the way home. 

Drive to work 

I’m a big fan of iPlayer radio. 

Radio plays, debates, audio books. All help to make the journey to work more relaxing and stop me thinking exclusively about work. 

At the moment I’m enjoying Jane Austen’s Persuasion. 

It’s odd how tastes change. I’ve never got in with Austen before. I read Emma twenty years ago and didn’t enjoy it, tried Pride and Prejudice but didn’t persevere. 

But now I’m loving listening to Persuasion.  This morning I got to work and was tempted to stay in the car to learn the truth about Mr Elliot’s character. 

Still, work called. So it was a pleasure deferred.