The joy of middle age.

Middle aged dogs are easy and undemanding.

My colleague has a new puppy and the strain of puppy-hood is driving her to distraction.

Middle aged dogs like to sleep.

Middle aged dogs like an easy, undemanding routine.

Middle aged dogs are house trained.

Middle aged dogs don’t want to walk in the rain.


Holiday days

I’m not sure where time goes during the holidays.

Days can drift by without much happening

Today included a whole host of the mundane

Medication for cats…. I’m like a veteran nurse dealing with eyes and ears, painkillers and antibiotics!

A long overdue car wash…

buying hyacinths – I missed the window of opportunity to plant them and somehow managed to get through December without buying any.

It never rains …

After months without any out of the ordinary vet treatment now we have two in two days

Last night Mr Mog Edwards (black and white cat, large) jumped off the bed and there was a loud clatter as he collided with the door.

We didn’t see him during the day (not that unusual) but at feeding time he was hiding (very unusual as he loves his food)

Turns out he has managed to puncture his eyelid – possibly during his leap, but most likely in a spat with another cat.

This afternoon when I was out and about Mr AB phoned me to say that he was making an emergency vet run (second visit of the day as we were there this morning to pick up antibiotics for her ladyship)

So now he is on antibiotic ointment and bed rest – luckily unlike SmallCat he is an excellent patient and hasn’t had to wear the cone of shame.


Cold Dead Heart

Not mine.

After weeks of threatening to go out last night at the onset of Storm Eleanor Th’Esse flickered and died.

Overnight our kitchen went from being a cosy warm bright room to feeling cold and unloved.

Today MrABwill clean and maintain it but due to the windy weather he won’t relight it.


About ten days ago she had teeth out and had her ears treated.

Being a cat who hates treatment she has refused to tolerate her antibiotics even when well disguised and hidden in food.

So we’ve been reduced to cooking her beef and fish. Some might say she has us where she wants.

Buts she’s still not right. Her ear is at a funny angle and she isn’t happy.

So today she went back to the vets.

X-rays and further examination don’t show any apparant deep seated problems.

So it’s ear drops and antibiotics.

Fingers crossed for improvement.

Obviously she is now not talking to us at all.

January 1

I’m not sure why but January always makes me want to resume blogging.

I’m an all or nothing blogger, I either have to do every day or it just slides.

And I like blogging, or at least I like being able to look back at what’s happened so perhaps it’s time to resume.