3,2,1, & we’re back in the room

End of year roll call


Big Dog.
With us since 2011, she must be about 8 years old now.
Placid, stubborn, sweet.



Medium Sized Dog
8 years and counting
Rescue, sweet, loyal, naughty. 

Cat #1

Small, shy, feisty. Even after 8 years she doesn’t want to be picked up and only likes to be stroked when she chooses.

She spends her time stalking the hedges in the field and sleeping.


House Cat extraordinaire

Aloof, proud and haughty.
Friendly when she wants to be.


Shy, sweet natured.
Steals from the neighbours
Prowls afar.



18 months old, lively, loner.



New Kid on the block – 3 weeks so far, most of them ill but things are looking up.


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