After my last post stating that I wasn’t going to blog, of course, I now want to.

What a horribly ungrammatical sentence, might be better if I did stick to just images!

Anyway, I shall leave the post linking to Instagram as a sticky and post I a sporadic manner.
In the garden we have overblown marigolds, I don’t love marigolds but they are such a useful companion plant I always grow them and I like the fact they last well into the autumn.

Late roses, this pale pink one has a lovely scent and it seems to be at its best on the crisp cold evenngs

Japanese anemones – this little group has been buried, poisoned and neglected and yet they have regenerated at the back of the herb garden and are proudly blooming.

They remind me of the week we moved into this house (8 years ago) when they were blossoming in the garden and I remember them shining like ghosts in the night when I took VerySmallDog out in the evenings

Sweet Scented Stock – an abject failure because I planted dozens of seeds and this is the only plant I have to show for it.

Plug plants next year I think.


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