Cat in a Cone

It’s a bit like Animal Hospital here right now.

Poor TubbyTabby has had to have an operation on his eye because the ulceration wasn’t healing properly. He has his eye stitched closed so it can heal and he has to wear a cone.

Oh, that cone. It truly is my nemesis.

It took us twenty minutes to get it on first time – the supposedly simple construction was beyond me. I had to go and get the giant cone that was pre assembled for BigDog to use as a template and it still challenged me.

When we finally got the cone on he hated it, he panicked and tried to back out of it. He has calmed down but he isn’t a great patient.
He keeps insisting on trying to jump up on his shelf, we removed the chair to keep him low level so he climbed the wire.

He didn’t eat for 48 hours which is unheard of – we tried removing the cone to allow him to eat, but he wouldn’t.

He wouldn’t be hand fed –  in desperation we discovered that ludicrously expensive cat food does the trick.

He’s not the only casualty – BigDog has a cyst on her paw. She’s on her second lot of antibiotics and it’s finally starting to shrink.
She too is a dreadful patient. Even if you are just examining her she trembles and whimpers.

Luckily she’s so well behaved that she has learned to leave it alone so she isn’t having to wear the cone of shame – her cone is so enormous that she should look hilarious.


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