Poorly Boy

Poor Tubby Tabby

A couple of days ago we noticed that he had a half closed eye and we resolved to keep an eye on him (see what I did there?)

The next day it seemed fine and he appeared to be perfectly happy. He had been trotting around the garden and sunbathing happily, eating normally.

This morning MrAB noticed it was a bit weepy so we took him to the vet.

There was a bit of a chase around the garden when he spotted the cat carrier and realised he was the unlucky victim. Luckily he doesn’t move too quickly.

He was so well behaved at the vets, even when she had to squirt stuff in his eye he didn’t unsheathe a claw –  he’s a super boy, good natured, easy-going, kind.

“Hasn’t put him off his food” laughed the vet as she squeezed his tubby sides.

He has an ulcer on his cornea – ouch.

We have ointment and a repeat visit scheduled for Friday. Hopefully he’ll be much improved by then.



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