Warning: self indulgent post

“It’s very quiet here today” said MrAB

He’s right.

That’s what happened when you lose a talky cat.

She wasn’t a great miaower, but she chirped and churruped constantly.

She’d run at you in the garden making little chirping sounds of recognition.

She chirped to say hello to the other cats.

She made happy noises when she was fed.

The two boy cats are looking for her.

MrAB is right it is very quiet.

We also had the usual “what shall we do?” conversation.

It was short – the conclusion being that we have room for one more cat so one more cat it shall be.

“Should we wait?”

No. It won’t bring her back. It takes time to settle a new cat.

Is that heartless?

I worry about the road, but I think of all the cats we have had that have been safe here and I hope it is worth the risk.

We’ve spoken to the rescue who are brimming at the seams, so watch this space.

IMG_6201 IMG_6357 IMG_6942 IMG_7172 IMG_7225


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