Grown on me. 

It’s eight years today since we viewed this house. 

I wasn’t hopeful, the photographs  didn’t inspire me, but we were suddenly in the position where we needed to find somewhere really quickly. 

During the previous five years we’d viewed lots of houses. 

Some were rejected immediately, others were possibilitities but then our house sale would fall through. 

I started with a wish list of all the things I wanted in a house. Off the top of my head they included a hatch, stable door, aga, no sloped ceilings, a bath, no immediate neighbours, conservatory and a dog friendly garden. 

When we saw this house we immediately knew we could live here even though it didn’t have a hatch. 

“The cooker will have to be changed” said I. 

Actually, the egg yolk yellow has grown on me and I love it. 

Who wouldn’t smile when faced with that splash of colour.  



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