Signs of Spring

I am such a predictable blogger.

If it’s Spring I blog about Spring flowers.

I know they happen every year and it isn’t exciting. But actually it is.

That first daffodil or primrose always makes me feel happy.

All the lovely colours.

The promise of better weather.

As I sit typing I can see rows of daffodils bobbing in the breeze.

When you step outside I swear you can smell Spring. A lovely fresh green scent.

At the moment when we drive into town we pass a daffodil field – rows of beautiful bright yellow. I did try and get a photo but it wasn’t great. perhaps I’ll stop and walk to the gate to get a better one if they haven’t been harvested.IMG_7735 IMG_7737

Lots of lovely cream colours – if I could be bothered to scroll back through my archives I could find the name of the collection. I remember buying it last Autumn and I was torn between creams and oranges.


Flowering raspberry – I know lots of people dislike the smell but I love itIMG_7753

One of last year’s house hyacinths now planted outside IMG_7769

Grape hyacinth – I need more of these sweet little things. Memo to self: plant more in the autumn,IMG_7770 IMG_7771 IMG_7772


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