Isn’t she a beauty.

I’m embarrassed to say that until recently I hadn’t appreciated the beauty of tortoiseshell cats.

My neighbour has a tortie and she is gorgeous.

And this girl gets prettier every day.

You can see her holding up her paw, she is minus a toe but the reality is it certainly isn’t holding her back.

She’s very shy, but she wants to be affectionate but isn’t quite sure how.

When TubbyTabby is around and he comes up to be stroked she comes with him and rubs right up against him so she gets stroked too. Hopefully, given time she’ll come to us on her own.

She’s very talkative, she calls out to use when we are in the garden.

When she’s not off hunting – she’s a lean mean hunting machine, she likes to squeeeeeeeze into a basket with her best pal and kip in the greenhouse where she can survey the surrounding world.




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