Six Years

Six years ago today we brought SmallDog home.

A fortnight before his predecessor had become to old and weak to carry on. Everyone kept saying ‘he had a lovely life‘ – it enraged me because it was over, all too soon.

There was a dog-shaped hole in our lives. VeryBigDog had never been an only dog, she cried, and tried to squeeze into his basket, even retrieving it from the utility room and carrying it back into the living room.

We decided to tentatively look at local dog rescues

We made an appointment at a rescue about an hours drive away. They had lots of terriers on their website and I was particularly drawn to a JRT cross Patterdale.

I had even decided that his name could be Jack-Patterdale

He was lovely however the rescue owners didn’t want to rehome any of their terriers to homes with cats.

Later that day we went to another rescue – it had only been operating for 4 months and they only had three dogs.

I had told MrAB that none of the dogs were suitabe for us (a very big terrier, a labrador and a sheepdog), but I wanted to go to introduce ourselves and ask them to bear us in mind for future rescues.

When we got there they asked if would just like to look at the terrier. He’d been rescued from horrific circumstances but they were sure he had the potential to be a lovely pet.

He was in a pen inside a stable.

They let him out and he riccocheted around the room. He was wild.

After a moment he stopped and came and sat by my side – I sat down on a box and stroked him. As soon as I stopped he would frantically nudge my hand back with his nose.

I didn’t want him, he was too big and too wild.

MrAB however was quite taken with him and suggested we come back later in the week to walk him.

What a good job he was there to make that decision.

On the Saturday, after he had been neutered we collected him.

They had warned us that his operation hadn’t been straight forward and he might be slow to recover – we laugh now, about the blanket I took to wrap him in.

He bounced into the car and was so full of energy VeryBigDog climbed into the back seat to avoid him.

Even after six years if you stroke him and then stop he does that nose-nudging thing that endeared him to me in the first place.

I guess it’s fair to say he has a lovely lifeIMG_6855 IMG_0823 IMG_6372_Fotor_Collage


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