One Year

Unbelievably it is one year today since this little cat came into our lives.


She is such a character.

She makes us laugh at least once everyday.

She comes for walks across fields.

She is a ruthless rodent killer.

She has a tiny squeaky little miaow.

She likes to sit on the stairs and bop you through the banisters.

She doesn’t like fish flavoured cat food. Chicken or turkey is fine.

She thinks she is the boss of all the other cats.

We have never ever had such a determined cat before. If she wants to do something she will persist and persevere until she gets her own way.

She is fiercely independent.
It is entirely pointless to pick her up or move her.

She’ll sit on a lap or jump on the bed, but once she decides she has had enough that’s it. She can’t be cajoled or fooled into staying.

Her current favourite sleeping spots are on top of a wardrobe, on a rocking chair or on a huge pile of animal bedding. Of course, if you ask me in a week this will have changed.


Here’s to many many more years.


IMG_8132 IMG_6258_Fotor_Collage 20140604-204750-74870619.jpg 20140608-202127-73287481.jpg IMG_8222 IMG_0825


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