Purple and Pink

IMG_6734On Sunday we went to Homebase to pick up some compost so I could plant the bulbs I bought the previous weekend.

I was tempted by the Winter pansies and violas.

I love the way they thrive in the coldest of weather like a tiny beacon of hope against the grey backdrop of Winter.

It took me ages to choose. I kept picking up a set and then being swayed by another colour combination.


We were heading to the till when I spotted the scented Pelargoniums. I’ve wanted some of these for ages.

Earlier in the year I looked for some but didn’t buy them as they seemed quite expensive.

These were 6 plants (3 varieties) reduced from £10 to £2.99

50p per plant

And they were lovely healthy looking specimens too.

Well, there wasn’t really any choice. They had to come home with me.

I’ve planted three in the herb garden, I know they’re not herbs but they smell great and the should provide good ground cover to prevent weeds.  The other three are in pots for now.

IMG_6735  IMG_6737


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