Weekend Plans

Last weekend we went to the garden centre to buy some pots so we could repot our lemon trees.

Always easily seduced by plants and bulbs I treated myself to some bulbs.
I’m having a purple phase at the moment so the lilacy shades of Alibi caught my eye – I already have some dark purple Queen of the Night so hopefully they will look good together.

The tulip I really wanted was a double petalled purple beauty called ‘Abigail’ but they didn’t have any. However Angelique looks lovely and she’s fragrant as well.

I dithered for aged over the Iced Bun collection. There was another Containers of Colour collection in shades of peach and orange and I was torn between the two. In the end it was the grape hyacinth that swung it, I love them and I don’t have any.

I was very restrained, I could have bought dozens of packets.

I love Spring bulbs, tulips and grape hyacinth are my favourites. I try and plant a few new tulip every Autumn, it’s worth the small investment and amount of effort for the huge repayment in pleasure.
I love those first shoots. They seem endearingly brave, emerging into a cold bleak landscape and then bursting into flower.

A shame that when we got home I discovered we had no compost – looks like I’ll have to go to the garden centre again…IMG_6690 IMG_6691 IMG_6692


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