Hiatus End

And I’m back!
It’s been a difficult, and hectic few weeks in work but they are over and now it’s the holidays!

I had intended to blog last week but it’s frightening how quickly you get out of a habit.
Having blogged daily for 18 months it had become very much part of my routine but once I stopped it was ridiculously difficult to start again.

Last week, even though I was post-ESTYN I really couldn’t get into a blogging frame of mind. But never mind, the holidays are here and I’m back on track now.

In terms of news the most exciting news is the fact that we have two new feline residents.

Last week end we went to our local animal rescue to ‘look’ at a singe cat and we came home with a pair.
Not quite sure how that happened…

They are a brother and sister, they were long term residents in rescue. They are pretty scared and shy, somewhere along the line they’ve had a difficult time. She, in particular is going to be a long term project as she is really terrified of us.

However, in just a week we can see that she is a little more relaxed.

They are living in the cattery at the moment in order to give us time to socialise them with our current cats and for them to become familiar with their new location.




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