In the interests of fairness I feel I should devote a post to the Tubby Tabby (it’s not just black and white cats that are beautiful around here)

Our first cat was a tabby and I have a soft spot for them.

It’s coming up to his two year anniversary.

He was a stray who turned up desperate for a home.

He had a ragged ear, damaged paw and problematic skin.


He’s a lovely boy – he doesn’t fight and just enjoys being in his garden.

He likes to be stroked, but not for too long.

In two years he has only once deigned to sit on my lap.

He’s terribly overweight but hardly eats. We’ve had batteries of tests run and there is no apparent cause. The vet says it may just be a low metabolic rate.

For now he seems happy and healthy so we’re letting him be.IMG_5792


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