Weeds and Seeds

It has been a glorious day here.

The afternoon has been spend in a frenzy of gardening.
I felt a little like Lewis Carroll’s White Rabbit and had to prevent my self from muttering ‘I’m late, I’m late…’

I’ve planted spinach, lettuce (2 types), peas (several kinds), mange tout, cabbage, tomatoes (cherry and vine), radishes, sweet corn, courgettes, cucumbers, thyme, pumpkins and gourds.

I’ve been thinking about how my philosophy of gardening has changed over the years.

I’ve moved on from my ‘rare and interesting plants’ phase and I’m quite happy to plant bog standard stuff.
If I see something different and it catches my eye I’ll try it but it isn’t my raison d’être of gardening.
Tried and trusted is fine.

I just want to grow stuff to eat.
It doesn’t need to be organic, just fresh and home grown is fine.

I planted some flowers – marigolds, sweet peas, cosmos, nasturtium, nicotiana and stock.
Another change because they’re not a priority for me.
My flower beds are predominantly perennials and that’s fine. Ideally if I keep filling them they should become less and less work.

Any ideas I once harboured about beautifully planned colour coded flowerbeds are long gone – I don’t have the time or patience.

Apart from my sweet peas which are a must-have for cutting I don’t really mind what I put into the gaps in my flower beds.

Ive planted the stock in hope rather than expectation because last year I couldn’t get them to germinate at all.


I hardly ever direct sow – it doesn’t work for me.
The extra effort of planting inside and potting on is worth the increased return.

When I wasn’t planting I was weeding.

Today I was on a dandelion blitz, they’re coming into flower and every one I ignore has the potential to come back and haunt me repeatedly.

I think weeding is a bit like classroom discipline – know your enemies and decide what you can tolerate and what you need to stamp out mercilessly.

We’re going for the kill with dandelions, bindweed (there is more bindweed this year than i have ever seen before), buttercups and hogweed.


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