Paws for Thought


They’re not great pictures because unless he’s eating he wants to be stroked.

He’s a striking looking boy with a white stripe across his back legs, white paws and a white bib.

He has white whiskers, long and straight.

Every time I hold up my phone to get a picture of his face he rushes towards me wanting to be fussed.

Yesterday he was hunkered down and scared.
He didn’t want to be touched, just warm on his heat pad. He was rigid with fear.
He was too scared to eat.

This morning we bundled him into a carrier and he headed vetward.

Today he’s been de-fleaed, neutered, scanned, blood tested for feline leukaemia and FIV. His teeth have been checked and he’s been wormed.

The vet says he’s underweight but that can be sorted easily.

Apparently at the vets he was quite happy to be passed around for cuddles.

Tonight he was ravenous, he ate two huge bowls of food pausing only to purr and wind himself around ankles.

He talks all the time.

He rolls on his back to have his tummy rubbed.

The other outside cats are rubbing heads with him though he door.

I guess we have a new boy.


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