Are some things meant to be?

After nursing poor BlackCat and losing him to kidney failure neither of us had mentioned getting another cat.

This is unusual for us. I realised that in the six and a half years we have lived here we have loved and lost eight cats.

That’s a lot.

One RTA, some old age and some due to illness.

For weeks MrAB has been adamant that a stray cat was hanging around.

He and our neighbour even caught a fleeting glimpse of a black shadowy cat.

We heard him. A vocal cat screaming, then disappearing.

We tried to catch him, PlanA being that we would contact cat rescue and have him rehomed.

Last night MrAB heard him calling. He went out and saw him in the garden.

He went out to get the cat-trap and some food.

The cat was in the cattery sat on a chair.

We’ve given him food and a heated bed.

He’s hunkered down on his electric blanket. If you approach him he miaows loudly. He really does have a screechy loud call.

Today MrAB checked locally that this lone ranger doesn’t belong to anyone.

Tomorrow he goes to the vet to be scanned and checked.

Do we have a new cat?


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