After a brief but uncomfortable visit to the dentist it was the perfect day to start tackling the garden.


While you may struggle to see the difference in the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures I promise you that I removed a lot of weeds.


The flowerbeds in the garden have always been problematic – they have lots of lovely things in them but they are mixed up with well established weeds.

I’ve discovered this central bed looks dreadful in Spring then suddenly when the pelargoniums start to spread it looks OK. perhaps I need to get some more and just fill it.

I find if I can get in early then I stand a fighting chance.
I removed lots of buttercups and loads of brambles from the internal hedge.

Usually at this time of year the ground is frozen so it makes a change to be actually able to weed.




The sky was blue and it was a pleasure to be outside.



The vegetable garden looks better. Thanks to MrAB’s valiant work it’s relatively weed free and when I remove the membrane from the small beds they’ll be ready to plant.











The semicircular patch in front of the stable is destined to be a herb bed.

It was full of couch grass, but hopefully 12 months of black plastic should have killed some of it.

I have some concrete pipes cut to different lengths and I plan to plant invasive herbs in these and make a herb garden that has lots of height and interest in it.







Elsewhere in the garden put newest family member is finding her place in the pecking order.





One thought on “Gardening

  1. You are so good to get going in the garden, ours always looks so drab at this time of the year before thr bulbs start to show their pretty heads. I am not sure what to plant to overcome this so I will watch your progress with interest.

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