Fresh Air

I know that compared to lots of people we’ve been very lucky with the weather, it’s been wet but we’ve escaped any serious damage and disruption.

This doesn’t stop it from being thoroughly dispiriting as everyday brings more rain.

This afternoon it was dry and breezy so all we went for a walk in the top fields.
BigDog’s leg is much better and she really appreciated being able to run around.

At first glance everything looks brown and lifeless but there are signs of Spring if you look carefully.





Bluebells are starting to show their leaves.

You can see where the rain has scoured the track – in fact as I write it’s raining again.






There are hundreds of clumps of snowdrops in the woods – they are just starting to bloom.

I think the early Spring flowers – snowdrops, primroses, daffodils and the bluebells are probably my favourite flowers.

Primroses are thin on the ground around here – at our old house they grew in huge cushiony clumps in all the hedgerows. Today I only spotted two small plants.

I think I shall have to buy some and plant them along our hedge banks.


At the top of the ridge is an old abandoned property, I’m pretty sure people were living in it during WWI, I did some research a few years ago but it’s on my other laptop. I’ll have to check it out.

Looking at the gable ends still standing, but not much else it’s hard to imagine that this housed a family.




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