Another one over

It’s frightening how quickly the years seem to be passing. Apparently it’s a sign of ageing but I have to admit Christmases, New Years and birthdays seem to be coming around at an alarming rate of knots.

Another year end or should that be year beginning?

At the end of this year MrAB and I are well, a couple of pounds heavier but healthy and happy.

We’ve said goodbye to two fabulous cats, one in March and one in October.

They are still much-missed. My two lovely boys who hated each other but had come to a truce of sorts.





We still have three lovely outdoor cats.

Roughly-toughty souls who shun the comfort of the house, although they do all appreciate their electric blankets in the cattery.


The dogs are well.
SmallDog must be getting older as he rarely does anything naughty.


And of course, there is the new arrival who has settled in well and thinks she owns the whole house.



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