She’s starting to explore the garden.
It’s not easy as our other black and white girl has decided they are mortal enemies ( the boys are less bothered)

Last night InsideGirl flew in through the cat flap and about ten seconds later I heard the most terrific hammering on the cat flap and there was OutsideGirl bashing it angrily.


2 thoughts on “Explore

  1. We had a unknown, fluffy, white cat stuck on out extension roof last night. It had been there since the previous day and had been yowling. We hadn’t heard it but our neighbour had. Mr P had to climb out of the window to rescue it. Its strange because our cat and our neighbours cats can all get on and off that roof with ease. We had never seen that cat before either. We let it go in the garden in the hope that it found its way home but checked again this morning in case it was hanging around because it was lost as well as stuck but no sign.

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