Friday Feeling

It’s been a long week.

The high spots were the new cat and my new phone.

After a long long wait it arrived today (the delivery time was ludicrously specific 1:51 – 2-51)
I was very excited to have it in my hot sticky hands and of course, wanted to set it up at once.

When I tried to set it up I discovered that my version if iTunes was too old to back up my current phone.

So I set it up as a new phone and it ground our non existent broadband to a halt by trying to transfer all my music via wifi. Knowing that it takes up to three hours to transfer one song and I have hundreds I knew that I was facing a losing battle

So it’s turned off waiting until I can borrow someone else’s broadband.

Our not-spot broadband is the only downside to living here. We are meant to be having super fast satellite broadband but it keeps being delayed.
Being able to watch video clips, download music etc will be a real pleasure



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