Taste of Summer

I’ve been really really hot today.
On a course in a small, stuffy room with about 30 people.
The windows only opened a little bit, and it was sunny outside.
By the end I was red faced and overheated, really uncomfortable. So hot I could hardly think let alone make sensible response to questions.

When I got home it was a relief to sit outside and enjoy the coolness of the early evening.

When I did my shopping last week I ordered some lemon San Pellegrino to try.
It’s very much a holiday drink for us, I think we first drank it in Paris and ever since then it seems to have been our holiday drink of choice.

It was the perfect drink for today. Refreshing, cold and quenching.


The bad news is tomorrow is part II of the course in the same venue. I think I’ll go and dig out some of my summer wardrobe


2 thoughts on “Taste of Summer

  1. My sandals were back out here and one of my summer tops … Plus my fleece… It’s not so warm first thing in the morning. Can’t have been nice in that stuffy room. I didn’t see much of the sun but I did get ten minutes of playground duty this afternoon which was rather lovely.

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