Hedging my Bets

The past few days have been spent cutting trees, hedges and bushes.

MrAderynBach and I had a minor disagreement over which hedgecutter I should use.
He has three but I only like one of them.

I’m scared of the petrol one.

The extendable one is about 2 and a half metres long and I can’t use it easily. When I hold it so it is balanced the controls are too far back for me to reach, when I move it forwards to reach the switches I can’t balance it.

But it’s fine, because I am perfectly happy with the middle sized hedge trimmer. Because I know how much MrAderynBach loves his tools I have treated it with great care

So today I attacked the hedge between the garden and the vegetable garden
I think it’s fair to say my technique has improved and it must be doing wonders for my biceps and triceps.

After a couple of hours I asked my other half if he could just come up and reach a clump in the middle of the hedge that I couldn’t quite reach.

Being a gentleman he didn’t even point out that with the other cutter I would have been able to because we’ve agreed that I cannot use it

he claims I could if I really tried

No, he took the hedge cutter, positioned it carefully… and cut through the electric cable.

I did shout to warn him, but he couldn’t hear me over the noise of the engine

I’m so glad it wasn’t me.

Apparently he has never, ever done that before



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