Plum Trees

For the past two days we’ve been working flat out in the garden.

There were two plum trees in the garden.

However, in the past six years they have produced a grand total of …. two plums.


The smaller tree was actually the remnants of a tree that blew done one windy night. A well as not producing plums this particular tree has also thrown out dozens of suckers in the flowered and lawn.

The larger tree didn’t feel very steady, it swayed when pushed and recently has become taller and taller starting to affect the neighbouring apple and chestnut trees.

We were fairly sure a storm would bring it down.

Neither tree had very healthy foliage and they were prone to insect infestations.

Now there is only a third of the taller tree left.

The day did involve the comedy moment when MrAderynBach painstakingly assembled his platform ladder on the lawn only to find we couldn’t manoeuvre it into place.
Eventually, after wrestling with a recalcitrant holly bush we managed.

One tree was entangled in a honeysuckle and the other was home to a clematis. We’ve managed to save them (I think) and the clematis has been moved to the lower pergola where hopefully it will thrive and provide a blanket of blooms next year.


The garden looks much more open and lighter. I’ve even attacked the rogue rhododendron that had taken over like a triffid.



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