Walking Weather


It’s lovely weather for walking

Yesterday we went for a walk along a long abandoned lane. In the spring it’s lined with bluebells and primroses and in the Autumn it’s golden, red and yellow.

At the moment it’s lush, green and overgrown. In places where the overhanging trees meet its like walking through a green tunnel.

In recent years the path has been drained. Years ago I walked along here in the Autumn with the late lamented VeryBigDog and the last section was a quagmire.

I ended up climbing into the hedge and walking along the hedge top and she wallowed through the mud like a hippo. At one point her head was the only part above the mud.
The odd thing about VeryBigDog was her fur which was like Teflon because nothing ever stuck to it. Every other dog we have owned would have needed hosing down and washing after this but by the time we got home she was practically clean.

We’ve also been walking in the shorn barley fields. The stubble crackles under your feet and occasionally birds of prey can be seen circling overhead.




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