Trial and Error.

I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve. A more solid block with the same V shape at the edges in the shade bamboo.

I made the block. I even managed to get the pattern right third time.

I joined it to two other blocks.

I hated it.

All the lacy lightness I wanted for this pattern disappeared.


I decided to start the next part of my crochet pattern.

The bamboo colour was too dense. In short, it was all wrong.

So it was onto Plan B. A lot of my life seems to involve moving on to Plan B, perhaps my Plan A is never very good.

I edged the blue squares with a round of trebles, then hooked a chainy edge and after a bit of trial and error joined two squares together.


I think it’s going to work. It looks a lot lighter than Plan A and more Alhambra-ish.


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