Size Matters

So it turns out that size does matter.


Before we went away I bought a 3.5 bamboo crochet hook to take on holiday.

While we were away I made a pile of Alhambra inspired blocks.
I’m quite pleased with this pattern – I played around with it a lot before it looked right. I’m thinking of making some solid squares to put between the lacy ones.

My only two bugbears were that everyone who spoke to me about what I was doing called it knitting and the fact that I missed my favourite Addi Swing hooks.
I love these hooks, I can crochet for hours using them and I never get any pain in my hands or cramps.

As soon as I got home I picked up my Addi 3.5 hook and hooked my next square.


It’s the one on the left.
As you can see, same size hook, considerably smaller square.

Not one to be easily deterred I’ve discovered that if I use an Addi 4 it comes out at the same size as the bamboo 3.5 which was lucky because I love these hooks so much I seriously considered frogging all the squares I had already made.



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