The Tale of a Cat

Last weekend we captured the rogue ginger cat that has been roaming the area for months.
He was in a sorry state, his eyes were infected and he had an injured leg.

We kept him for a week, he was neutered, wormed, defleaed and disinfected.
He was the wildest cat we have ever come across, and over the years we’ve dealt with a lot of feral cats.

This one trembled every time he saw us. He cowered in a corner and glared with dead, grape green eyes.

When we approached him in the cattery he would climb the wired partitions and dangle like a Garfield studded toy.
I’ve never seen a cat so terrified of human company.

He was completely unhandleable. Getting him in a crate to go to the vet was a major operation.

Even food was ignored and then eaten in the dead of night.

The vet advised us to give him 48 hours to recover from his operation and release him. She had the odds are that he would come back for food because we had fed him.

I’m not so sure

When we freed him on Saturday morning I meant to take a photograph but he was gone in a flash.


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