Cat Update

Poor GingerCat.


On Monday he went back to the vets as he was back on three paws and clearly in pain.

After examination and discussion it was decided that what was happening was his ankle is continually disolcating and then popping back in. This is because he has damaged the ligaments and muscles in his leg.

So, the poor boy is on cage rest and medication. The vets have recommended six weeks 😦

He was in the house but he spent all his time screaming. He’s very much an outdoor cat who comes in on his own terms.
We moved him back into the cattery and he seems a little happier.
He can see the other cats and on a warm day we can drop the sides of the cattery so he gets lots of fresh air. When he was in the crate in the house he refused to get into his basket but sat in the litter tray and cried.
As soon as he was ensconced in the cattery he climbed into his basket and curled up.

Of all our cats he is the most active and under normal circumstances spends most time out and about so it seems esespecially mean to keep him confined.
I’m sure BlackCat wouldn’t really notice if he was locked in because he never ever goes anywhere. If he ventures out and sleeps under the wheelbarrow for an hour he thinks he’s been on a quest.

I don’t think GingerCat can’t have many lives left.

He came to us as an unclaimed stray handed into the vets – his front and hind paw had been trapped in a collar and he needed extensive surgery. When he first came here he was practically bald and couldn’t use one paw at all.

He’s been bitten by an adder.

Involved in several fights requiring medical treatment

And now he’s lame – hopefully it’s only temporary.


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