Sky’s the limit

If you look carefully you can see our sky dish, situated half way down the hedge.

Recently our sky box has become unresponsive and about 50% of our channels only worked intermittently.
Last week MrAB spent ages on the telephone to customer services and tried lots of technical fixes. The result was … no signal for 36 hours.

So today the engineer came.
The first thing he said was ‘let’s see if we can respite the dish’, the he end up saying what every other engineer has said ‘actually, I can’t find a better place for it’
This is because we are at the bottom of a hill in a valley.

The engineer was great, he out in a new run of cable and a reconditioned box.
He did a fabulous job and we have all channels up and running with a much clearer picture.

For the rest of the day we gardened.

MrAB tackled the rampant plum tree in the middle of the garden.

I weeded valiantly.

I wish I could say I weeded methodically, but I tend to flit from place to place.

Still, three large trugtubs of weeds are no more.

I even planted out my beans so I hope there is no frost tonight.
I discovered ginger cats grow well in this garden.







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