Friday Five

Five reasons to smile

1) It’s Friday!

2) 3) The weather is glorious – bright, breezy and sunny.

My seeds are germinating – sweet peas are uncurling out of the soil and broadbeans (my favourite veg) are pushing up fat bunched leaves.




4) BigDog – she is such a sweet natured dog.
In the evenings she gathers her toys and snores in the conservatory. She’s very pleased that the fire hasn’t been lit again.


5) My lovely cats.
Slowly over the past few weeks the cats have been developping a new pecking order.

It’s been a little disrupted because there has been a rogue ginger cat hanging around. He’s a big stray cat who has been terrorising our cats – it’s possible that he’s the same cat who beat up SmallDog a couple of years ago.
This morning, after numerous attempts, MrAB caught him in the cat trap. He’s gone to the vets who already have a home lined up for him.

TabbyCat and BlackCat are spending a lot of time on the patio, they like to look in through the window but they aren’t ready to cme in … time will tell.



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