And Sow


After a lazy morning I thought it was about time to get gardening.
I don’t remember ever being this late planting my first seeds.

So I sowed … broadbeans, sweet peas, tomatoes (3 varieties), courgettes, various gourds, nasturtiums, sweet scented stock, dahlias and geraniums.


I haven’t bought any new seeds, I’m using up seed from previous years so if something doesn’t germinate I’ll buy some later in the season.

I need to sort through my seeds and decide what else to plant.

I’ve decided that rather than have windowsils full of seedlings I’m only going to have one propagator full in the house (tomatoes/geraniums/stock) and everything else is having to fend for itself in the greenhouse or potting shed.

My favourite crop in the potting shed is TabbyCat who likes to supervise the garden from his bed.


And I had to include this picture of BigDog who was enjoying the sunsine in the garden today.



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