The skies were blue, the air temperate and the dogs eager.

The perfect day to put on your walking boots and go out and blow away the cobwebs that have built up.

BigDog now loves travelling in the car – when we first had her she was terribly car sick and consequently hated all car journeys.

Today she was bouncing with impatience at the gate to the car.

We drove to the foothills of The Preselis

We walked past the old slate quarries


The skie was practically cloudless, the breeze gentle and the air bracing



In the picture below you can see a ruined house, long abandonned.20130403-201814.jpg



The first time we walked this route several years ago this path was muddy and deeply potholed.

It’s been resurfaced making it a very easy walk.



The whole area used to be covered in conifers but in the past few years they have been coppiced giving a completly different feeling to the area.

You can still see the old hedgebanks created by piling up boulders and the tumbled down remains of old sheep folds cling on to the hillsides



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