I haven’t planted a single seed this year.

Usually, by now my windowsils are covered in seed trays and I am nurturing seedlings.

This time last year I was out in my greenhouse and potting shed but this year it is inhabited by cats.

I think it’s a combination of the poor weather, a heavy workload and ill animals.

It will be interesting to see if  a slow start to the gardening year means I am less productive, mind you it would be hard to be less productive in the vegetable garden than last year.
Theoretically my vegetable beds just need to be uncovered and I can start planting – no weeding or backbreaking digging required.

Looking back through my garden photographs I don’t seem to have taken any of my vegetables, I shall have to remedy that ths year.




When I do get around to planting sweetpeas, nasturtiums and sunflowers will definately be included.



DSCF4781 DSCF4782 DSCF4783


I think these Verbena were a huge fluke as I have tried to grow them every year but only suceeded the first Summer we lived here.

I had visions of swathes of ethereal purple blossoms and I think two plants grew properly.

DSCF3880 DSCF3883


The Crocosmia and Star of Bethlehem grow despite me, I love the fact that this garden is full of lots of plants that just appear as if by magic descpite my poor gardening skills.

DSCF3884 DSCF3888




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