It seems somehow proverbial that a laptop would die on me this week. I’m not superstitious but if I did believe things came in sets of three I’d be thinking ‘at least that’s number three’

Despite laying my hands on the recovery discs (I was quite impressed that they were actually in my drawer of ‘important-discs-and-stuff) I can’t seem to fix it.


At one point during the non-recovery process I felt quite hopeful but it wasn’t to be.


My beloved Sony is still working, but is becoming slower and showing its age.

I bought it in December 2008 and it has been used for at least 35 hours a week ever since.

Of course the question is if I’m not considering selling my soul to Apple why am I looking longingly at MacBook Pros?

And why am I compiling a list of reasons as to why I need one?

  • it would integrate beautifully with my iPhone
  • I could also buy an airport and start to link everything in the house
  • I’m using Apple products more and more in work so there wouldn’t be a problem with using it for work
  • It is a thing of beauty



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