Goodbye Cat#1

I wanted to write a long post about what an amazing cat you were and how much you will be missed.

How you weren’t handsome, but you were loyal, loving and gentle.

How you never scratched us or bit us even when you were being medicated or you were hurt

How you slept on the bed, usually on top of me, purring all the time

How over the past 8 years you lived in perfect dis-harmony with ten different cats and in perfect harmony with 4 different dogs

You guarded your house like a tiger, hiding in ambush if any outside cat deigned to come in.

You fought and saw off any intruder cats, sometimes coming off worse for wear.

But I can’t yet, because it makes me cry.

There is a small cat-shaped-hole in our hearts tonight

We will miss you so much.

DSCF5022 DSCF4980 DSCF4982


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