Why Aderyn Bach?

Well, this time last year when Posterous hinted at a possible closure I set up an auto-post feature to WordPress at a blog called SewAndGrow.

What I failed to realise was that because 99% of the time I post from my phone, then edit on the laptop I was only posting images and all my text was still stuck at Posterous.

When I tried to transer everything I had a dreadul job deleting the WordPress SewAndGrow content so it was easier to set up another blog linked to the same account

Of course, today I have managed it but I’m not going through this again so as of now I am Aderyn Bach

Why Aderyn Bach, well I tried several alternatives but they were taken (I liked TangledWeb best but someone beat me to it)

Aderyn Bach is Welsh for Little Bird and I have been playing with lots of little bird designs lately so I thought I’d go with that.


Another Arrrgggh moment, I think I may have accidetly deleted some images from my earlier posts


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