Seeing Spots


Yay, last night I finished my just-for-me spotty blanket.

I bought the first lot of yarn (Sublime DK) for this over a year ago. I had a plan to make a blanket of solid coloured squares.

I started my square blanket but I really didn’t like it so I frogged the lot and put it to one side.

It was then going to be a Flowers-In-Snow blanket which I stared but became fed up of (that became half a cushion cover)


The other half of the cushion cover was spotty and I was so pleased with it that I decided that my blanket would be spotted.

I made the centre circles in the Summer holiday but had to put them to one side to make a brithday blanket.


Last Friday I picked them up again and during half term I completed the blanket.


I’m not sure how many colours I have included, I shall have to count at some time


It’s not a big blanket, but it’s just nice for me and a dog or cat to sit under in the evening.


I sewed it together in 6 blocks of 9 and 3 blocks of 12.


If I was making another one I would join-as-I-go because I have to admit the bit I hate most is joining everything up at the end.


When I made my friend’s birthday blanket (same pattern, but with multicoloured circles) I joined them in strips as I made them and it was much less hassle


The border is very plain because I was running out of yarn


I’m very pleased with the finished product – this is the 7th blanket I have made this year and it is the first one for me


I shall go back to my hexagon blanket now, although I have been making prototype flowers for a scarf and I have a halfbaked idea for a robin crocheted Christmas card that I want to work on


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