Yesterday I tidied the Welsh Dresser and the kitchen table – they are a hotspot where everything from unsorted mail to spanners and tapemeasures get dumped.

Inspired by this unusual burst of domesticity I had planned to do more today.

However, yesterday I also had my brace tightened and today I was very uncomfortable.

So, rather than tidy and sort I have been making some prototypes for my craft club to try next term


The yellow owl is an extra for our sale.

We have made lots of flower already – some are decorating hairgrips and headbands but I thought wreaths for doors might look quite good.


The jar cover uses crossed treble stitches on the light blue sections


So, while I didn’t do any tidying or sorting I have still had busy fingers


I’ve also spent some time bonding with Cat#6 – he is a sweet boy. He is enjoying a tickle but he isn’t yet purring or approaching me but he doesn’t mind being stroke or lifted up. Today I stopped stroking him an he did stretch up and upt his paws on me.



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