Six Minute Stroll


We have a nearly completed chimney. The liner needs to go in and then the cowling and be placed on top.

Inside the wall has been cleaned and is being repointed. The house is full of dry, fine dust. You can write your name on the furniture and taste it. It sticks deep in the back of your throat,coats your skin and even clings to your eyeballs.

Our mantra is “it will be worth it


The weather was dreadful this morning, I awake to rain lashing against the window pane, it has rained periodically and heavily all day.


Tonight the rain had stopped so I stepped out into the garden, I was only out there for six minutes but there was a lot to see

The Batchelor’s Buttons have started to flower, ferns are peeping out from shadey hollows and the hardy geraniums are flourishing.


Honeysuckle is meandering up the pergola – hopefully we’ll have lots of scented flowers later on in the year. Our honeysuckle seems to flower late in the year, there is one that we pass when we alk the dogs that is in flower already – it has small dark flowers whilst ours are long-petalled and yellow.


The apple trees are in blossom.


Bluebells bloom – behind this one there is Bleeding Heart which is thriving.


I don’t want to tempt fate, but the lilac is looking as if it might, just might be alright this year.


And the kiwi is positively rampant


It twists and turns like a crazed rollercoaster


and is covered in buds


which become fat, furry leaves.

It’s raining again, so hopefully the garden will be droughtless and thrive during the next few weeks.


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