Only B(l)uffing

I was late home tonight and MrS&G greeted me with the words ‘do you want the bad news now?’

My immediate thought was Cat#5 who went to the vets today – but MrS&G had sent me a text to say he would be fine so I had to think again.

It turned out that BigDog had decided to do the rarest of things – be naughty.

While MrS&G was out at the vets she took my beloved Buff and chewed it up.


I love my buff, it is made of merino wool, its warm but not too hot and it can be easily stuffed into a pocket.

I love its colour as well


I have a thing about red hats – I think it comes from the Amazon Pirates in their blazing red stocking caps.

Its very hard to be cross with BigDog as she has such a sweet nature and apparently she was very sorry when MrS&G came home.

Her predecessor VeryBigDog loved to suck and gum at material – perhaps it’s a mastiff thing. She used to sleep with an old towel whch she would suck like a dummy, if she didn’t have a towel she would steal something else to suck.


If you moved her ragged towel from her settee she would be very unhappy

Anyway, I have ordered a repacement buff- I toyed with gong for a different colour or pattern but in the end I went with an exact replacement.

When I went into the living room I was greeted by the sight of Cat#1 cosily ensconced inside my wool bag


This was his indignant face when I dared to wake him



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