Out With The Old

It’s been a funny old day (channelling Arkwright)

I had a dental appointment this morning. As well as a checkup the dentist had to remove my two milk teeth so the orthodontist doesn’t have to work around them.

My poor milk teeth – for over 40 years they have done a sterling job and when you consider they are only designed to last for a few years that’s pretty amazing.


I now have a horrible unsightly gap – MrS&G and my sister kindly pointed out that the brace hides it (not so sure about that) and MrS&G pointed out that the milk teeth looked odd anyway (I think he was trying to be helpful here)


The actual proceedure wasn’t too bad, but afterwards it was very painful.

My tongue keeps sliding through the gap and I seem to be quite dribbly (how very attractive I sound)

We came home and I went to bed with a painkiller and a heat source.

Unfortunately the builders were working loudly in the roof space above the bedroom so whilst I couldn’t sleep I did read one of my new Kindle books while the painkiller did its stuff.

Originally we were just having a new chimney, but of course life is never that simple.

They are having to brace the roof with new trusses.

The fireplace in the inglenook needs redesigning – they need to remove the plasterboard and put in extra supporting girders and I think some of the chimney needs relining.


They also need to replace some of the timbers at the front of the house (they did the leaky back part last year)

Poor BigDog was very distressed by all the noise and banging, and today was only exploratory. Tomorrow they are going to be working indoors and taking down the whole lot so I think we will have to take her out somewhere.




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