Down Time


It’s been an odd sort of day.
This morning I woke ridiculously early. I managed to go back to sleep until the window cleaner and boiler-man arrived at 9am.

The lovely boiler man managed to fix it for the princely sum of ??69.

I had a hot steamy shower and it was bliss.

I haven’t done much else today. I have been incredibly tired and drained. I haven’t even got my crochet out yet. I feel too tired to think or move. Being responsible for twenty children for four days (and nights, oh those long nights) is exhausting.

BigDog was unusually naughty today. She dug up and gnawed some hyacinth bulbs. As a result she was spectacularly sick (twice) in the house. It was a particularly unpleasant experience. Luckily she had the sense to do it when MrS&G was at home so he kindly dealt with it.
She was very sorry afterwards – we’ve kept a close eye on her and she seems to be alright. Close examination showed she had pulled them to bits but not ingested much.

SmallDog has been very loving and loyal today. He was so pleased when I arrives home yesterday.
He has spent most of the day snuggled up against me or resting his nose on my foot.

When he first came to us he couldn’t bear to have his stomach touched so I love seeing him upside down waving his loppy long legs in the air in the hope of being tickled.

I’ve ended my day with a bath and it was everything I had been dreaming of.


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