Leap Frogging


I like Wednesdays.

The halfway point in the week. My PPA time is on a Wednesday as well so I have time to try and introduce some organisation into my working week.

At home I have been trying to decide on my next crochet project.

I returned to my cushion covers but they weren’t makng me happy. The reality and my vision didn’t match, and the rows of DCs weren’t doing anything for me.

I really want to use my lovely cashmere based yarn to make something that I love – something that makes me smile.

I decided to leave them for a while and started to look for another project.


I looked through my crochet books.

I spent hours online looking at crochet – finally I decided I would use my Sublime wool to make a hexagon blanket.

I then spent ages looking at different hexagon-block patterns and chose one. I wrestled with clusters and corners.

I made one. I looked at it and decided that it was too big and I didn’t like the idea of lots of jumbled up colours with no cohesion.


So I revised the pattern and made a smaller cream edged hexagon.I went to bed convinced that this was the next pattern. I planned t edge each hexagon with cream to link them together.


Today in work (during a maths lesson on tessalation) I had a revelation. I can’t make a hexagon blanket because it won’t be a regular shape when it is finished.

I tried to imagine it drapped over my chair but the thought of the staggered edges or the hexagon finished shape isn’t for me.

On the way home I had an idea.

I loved the finished flowers in snow blanket. Giving it away was hard. Looking at it gave me great pleasure.

Everyone who has seen it has been very kind with their comments.
Someone decribed it as an heirloom blanket, sayng it was the kind of thing you keep forever, which I thought was lovely

Sooo, I’m making one for me with my lovely wool.

I have adapted the pattern – the inner ring on the pattern I used was twelve trebles  -this was my least favourite part and I need to make 125 squares.

I have made a prototype where the inner ring is 6 treble clusters and I am rather pleased with it.

One thng I have learnt from the previous Flowers in Snow blanket is that I need to be bold with colour. The colours I was unsure of (the red, burgandy and bright greens) were the ones that made it sing so I need to add some zingy colours to my mix.

I have blues, greens and purples – I shall be broadening my colour pallatte as soon as possible.

I made a granny square blanket a couple of year ago in blues and greens and it doesn’t have the same impact as the FIS blanket.

I’m feeling quite excited about this new blanket now – I’ve started to frog the cushion cover (well, it is a leap year)



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