Broken Heart

I don’t really have a broken heart, but it seemed too good an oportunity to miss when one of my lovely coasters got broken.

SmallDog got into the big basket by the fire and the basket knocked the poker over. This made Cat#3 jump and knock over a stool breaking my heart!

Practically I realise it should be replaced with something less breakable but I do love my glass coasters.


In other news I have failed miserably at frugalty. I have upgraded my phone.

I have justified it to myself by using my Quidco Cashback – I did try and resist but failed miserably.
I spent days looking for the best deal and I am very pleased with the plan I am on.
It doesn’t include masses of minutes or texts. Because we have no phone signal at all in the house I don’t use a great amount and do most things via wifi.

I use my iPhone for everything.
Lists, Calendars, organisation at home and work, surfing, playing games, iMessaging my sister (cos it works on the wifi)

Today has been spent setting it up and also setting up my old phone for MrS&G. He is a technophobe but I am determined to drag forward kicking and screaming into this century.

I’ve set up some shared lists for us and a calendar, so we are going to start with those and see how it goes.


He even managed to send me a message earlier.

I tore myself away from my new  toy  and we went for a walk today – there are signs of Spring everywhere. I spotted a few primroses and the bluebell leaves are appearing.


The dogs were delighted to be getting a real walk and had a lovely time running free.


Tea tonight was Frickadellen in a spicy tomato sauce – it was easy but very tasty.

Fry some red onions, garlic and chopped fresh chilli in a generous amount of butter

Add a carton of passata

If you have any wine rinse the carton out with it and add it to the pan

Add oregano and black pepper

Stick into the low oven and leave (I left mine for 7 hours)

Add Frickadellen about 40 minutes before you want to eat – return to the low oven. I guess if you were organised and keen you could make your own meatballs or Frickadellen, but when you have a new phone to play with set up life is too short.

Serve with pasta.
Delicious. MrS&G gave it 8.5/10



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