Contrary Cat

Cat#1 and Cat#3 are still learning to co-exist in the living room.

It has to be under supervision – occasionally one of them will hiss at the other. This wouldn’t be a problem, but SmallDog then thinks he is required to intervene to Cat#3 has to be scooped up quickly before a situation develops.

A couple of nights ago they had a huge fight out on the road (I slept through it) but the next morning Cat#1’s fur lined the hedges so I think he came ff the worst.

Anyway, in the interests of promoting harmony I bought some synthetic feline pheromones – a plug in diffuser for the cattery for Cat#5 and a spray for the house.

It promises to calm the cats and reduce fights.

The diffuser is set up so hopefully Cat#5 is sleeping like a kitten. He is enjoying his free time. He’s very sociable and likes to follow me around the garden.

I sprayed a fleece blanket and placed it on the settee where Cat#1 usually spends hs evenings. As you can see he has carefully placed himeslf off-blanket. Hopefully the soothing effects will drift across to him.

BigDog has been very interested in the blanket. She obviously doesn’t realise she isn’t a cat. She tried to take it onto her settee.


A quick trip to the vets today (to pick up tablets) meant that lunch today was my all time favourite – blue cheese and honey.


I did burn off the calories by scrubbing the whole of the patio. Hopefully when it is dry tomorrow it will look better.

It certainly can’t look worse as it was practically dark green.


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