QuickQuick Couscous


This really is fast. I can make it in less than ten minutes if I use precooked fish.

Put the kettle on to boil

Peel some carrots – Cut them into cubes or thin batons and pop them in the microwave with a drop of water for 2 minutes

The kettle will have boiled by now – measure your couscous into a large pyrex bowl. Make up some stock (Marigold bouillon is ideal)

Pour the stock onto the couscous so it is covered.
I put mine on the lid of Th’Esse so it keeps warm. I’m sure it would be fine just left on the side.

Melt some butter in a pan, add a spoonful of honey and some mustard powder.
When everything is melted and combined (stir occasionally) tip the cooked carrots in.

Cook some peas in the microwave – pour the peas into the couscous

Heat a piece of fish – today it was Aldi’s hot smoked salmon. Sometimes I poach or bake a piece of fish.

Shred the fish into the couscous.

Pour the carrots and glaze in.

Mix well.

I added some chopped chilli to my portion and some sweet chilli sauce.



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